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The Room Junkie Story


I originally trained as a nurse, and was a stay at home Mum for years, but Interior Design has always been my abiding passion and obsession.

Our first family home was a beautiful old house in a leafy suburb of Dublin, which we bought in the summer of 1992. Mortgage interest rates suddenly went through the roof (no pun intended!), and we soon realised that we now owned a lovely wreck, which we had no money to do anything with!

This was the catalyst for me to perfect my Interior Design skills. I knew that I had a natural gift for putting interiors together, and a good eye for design, so I decided to study the subject professionally. I first studied with The Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London, and then with Limperts Academy of Design in Dublin, where I was awarded a coveted Diploma in Interior Design with Distinction.

My life’s mission was to transform that old house into a fabulous, functional and stylish home on a shoestring budget. I found that I became obsessed with finding creative and inventive ways of compensating for my modest funds. I wanted it all! A stylish high end look that totally belied the budget. This was the start of my “More Dash than Cash” philosophy, getting the look without the spend! This story has a happy ending, I achieved my goal of creating an amazing home, which we sold rather successfully, when we relocated to our beloved Donegal, and built our dream home overlooking Lough Swilly.


Fast forward a few years, and I was contacted by an independent TV production company who asked me to take part in RTE Television’s Showhouse challenge. This was a show where two Interior Designers were asked to bring a bare shell to a showhouse in six days, with a fixed budget, and with the cameras rolling throughout. On the seventh day, the public viewed the house, and voted for their favourite. A sane person would probably have said no, instead I created my first showhouse in six days with the country watching. An added bonus was the fact that the developer was none other than Shane Filan, of Westlife. He loved my house, and so did the public, and I won the challenge strongly. Again, I had put huge effort into creating an innovative design that is no way reflected the budget. That house was full of cost effective inspiration for first time buyers.


I was hooked. All my life I had passionately believed in the positive benefits of living in a well-designed and inspiring environment. Most people want to live in a beautiful space that reflects and supports their personality and lifestyle. Most people need professional design assistance to realise this dream.  The current economic global recession changed all that, and I realised that very few people would be able to afford to hire an interior designer in the traditional sense any more. This saddened me terribly, I was determined to find another way, and that’s how Room Junkie was born.


Room Junkie is Interior Design for people who live in the real world. It is the perfect solution for design savvy people who have an idea of how they want their home to look, but don’t have a clue where to start. It is for people who won’t allow a modest budget get in the way of a fabulous home.  It is for people open to rolling up their sleeves, and doing some of the ground work. We make this easy, and hold your hand all the way. It is for people with children and pets, who want a home designed to solve the challenges they bring. I share my home with my husband, three busy sons and two dogs, one of which is a giant breed who sheds.  I still have a beautiful home. Room Junkie has married great design skill with the most cutting edge technology in the world to provide an online method of creating world-class affordable design that works. I have dedicated the last twelve months of my life to creating, testing and fine-tuning my new concept.

Room Junkie is ready to revolutionise the world of Interior Design as we currently know it.  It is the ideal low cost design service for anyone wanting the amazing results of a professionally designed home, without the associated high costs and time requirements previously necessary. This is an enjoyable collaborative process, and together we will transform your place into a fabulous space.

Our gift to you is a fool proof customised design plan, which you can follow as your time constraints and budget dictate. We realise that not everyone is visual, and that is why we let you see exactly how your finished room will look like before you start. Everything that you need to progress your design is included, mood boards, photo representative 3d drawings, actual samples and swatches, a sourcing list of where to buy everything, to your pre agreed budget, detailed instructions regarding the order of implementation and our priceless secret staging tips, to make sure you style like a pro. We appreciate that when you hand over your money, you don’t want to wait weeks to see your design, and that is why we will dispatch your custom design to you within ten working days of receiving your order. You will never again waste your time or money on the wrong design choice. Together we will create the dream home that you probably could never achieve alone. This is Anne Tuohy’s passion and obsession, and the core philosophy behind Room Junkie.

 Room Junkie – addicted to great design, so you get the home you deserve!

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