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How to create an ideabook on Houzz

Step 1.
If you haven’t done so already, create your Houzz username and password 
when your profile is confirmed, you can start creating your ideabook.

Step 2. Browse the home design photos on Houzz. 
Pictures can be filtered and searched by style, space or region.
Step 3.
Once you have selected the first image for your “ideabook”, click on that photograph. You will be prompted with the following: 

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS SPACE? (Optional) You can fill in notes about what you like or want to remember about this design. 

MAKE COMMENT PRIVATE: (optional) Only YOU will be able to view this comment or note. This will not be made public in your ideabook. 

EXISTING IDEABOOK: If you have already created an ideabook, a new photograph can be added to it here. 

For new “ideabooks”, click: OR NEW IDEABOOK: and add a title for this newly created ideabook.

Step 4.
Continue adding more photos to your ideabook.
Create written content in your ideabook! 

Leave notes on what inspires you about each design and photograph!
You can have as many photos as you want in each ideabook.

Once my ideabook has been created, can I rearrange my pictures? 
When your ideabook has been created, you can move or delete your photographs as you wish. Click on “edit ideabook” and the arrows (to the right of the photograph) will direct you.

Enjoy the process, and as you pick your favourite images, your natural style and preferences become easily apparent.
This will help us to design a space that is absolutely right for you, and which will thrill you for years to come.