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How it Works: Step 3


Step 3 (The together bit)

Within 10 days from receipt of your payment, and receiving all your information, we will gift wrap, and dispatch Your Room in a Box. We hope it will thrill and excite you, and can’t wait to have you show it off to family and friends. It is the culmination of you helping us to create your dream room plan.

So, what’s in the box?

1. A Personalised Interior Design Scheme

This design has been created exclusively for you, and has been chosen to reflect your style, taste and lifestyle.

2. A Professional Mood Board

This mood board is the storyboard of your room. You can easily see how the colours, textures and furniture selection all work together. It is your first exciting vision of how your room will look and feel.

3. A Scaled Floor Plan

This is a scaled footprint of your room, and shows you exactly where to position your furniture, and the size of each piece. Never again will you buy a piece of furniture that is the wrong size.

4. Photo representative 3d Images

These 3d elevations mean that even a child can see exactly what your finished room will look like before you even start. This is very useful if you are someone who finds it hard to visualise a completed design, and very many people are like this. They also show you exactly where to position artwork and accessories, and show the style of curtains etc

5. A Shopping List and Sample Book

You will receive a detailed shopping list with images of the furniture, dimensions, prices and where to buy, all to your pre agreed budget.

You also receive a small book of samples to make life easy when you go shopping.

6. How to Pull it Together Guide

This shows you the order in which to do everything to create your design. It also gives you very specific instructions, so that you can stage your room like a pro.

What’s next?

You can now successfully progress your room design as your time constraints and budget allow.

You have a fool proof route map that you can refer back to anytime you wish. You now know in what order you should progress your room design. You also have been shown how to add professional finishing touches. This will give you the confidence to successfully create the room of your dreams.

 Room Junkie is successful collaboration between client and designer to achieve your perfect room, while keeping within your individual budget! 

Don’t forget our 100% satisfaction guarantee (Click on this). If you are not absolutely thrilled with your design, you can contact us within 30 days of receiving your plan, and we will modify the design until you are totally happy.

The image to partner this text will be on the left hand side of the page, in a portrait mode.

It will be a collage, made up of the contents of the box – a floor plan, 3d elevation, a mood board, board with a collage of all the furniture, a mock-up of  a shopping list, a mock-up of  a small sample book of fabric and paint and a mock-up of How to pull it together Guide.

A photo of the finished room! QED