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How it Works: Step 2


Step 2 (Our Bit)

This is where our creative juices get flowing, and within 10 working days we will create Your Room in a Box, a custom designed room plan, just for you.

  1. We firstly study the footprint and dimensions of your room, and create a scaled floor plan, and 3d elevations of each wall.
  2. We spend a lot of time studying your questionnaire, which forms the backbone of identifying your individual design and lifestyle requirements.
    This effectively gives us an idea of the look you are trying to achieve, your style preferences, and also of colours, soft furnishings and furniture that you are comfortable with.
  3. Next, we study your room photographs, and also the photographs of the items you wish to include in your new room design. This allows us to plan a design that works functionally. We will analyse, and create the best furniture placement and flow for your room.
  4. Now for the fun part. We will study the inspirational images from Houzz and Pinterest, or any other images that you sent us. Our design direction will be determined by carefully analysing your images in conjunction with your design questionnaire. Only now can the design process really begin. We will create your personal design to suit all your aesthetic and functional needs.
  5. We source and price all the components of the room, and all to your pre agreed budget.
  6. We create your individual mood board containing actual samples of all the components of your room, plus a small sample book for your handbag.
  7. We will create your scaled floor plan, showing the position of all furniture. We then create photo representative 3d images of your room, showing placement of artwork, style of curtains etc.
  8. We create a design rationale, which explains why your particular design is right for you, and we also compile an instruction manual, showing you the order in which to progress your design, and our tips on how to stage like a pro.
  9. Finally, and within ten working days of your order being placed, we carefully place all your design components in Your Room in a Box, wrap it up, tie the bow and send it to you. We will send you an email informing you that your box has been dispatched, and an expected delivery time.

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