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How it Works


Step 1 (Your Bit)

1. Fill out our questionnaire.
Our exclusive and highly refined Online Interior Design and Lifestyle Questionnaire, guides us to create the perfect design to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Visit Questionnaire

2. Sketch and measure your space.
You don’t need to be an Architect or an Artist to do this, if you can hold a pen, that’s qualification enough. You will have a much better result if you get someone to help you with the measuring. Use our handy “how to” guide to show you how easy it is.  Take your time doing this, and always double check your measurements. It is essential that your measurements are accurate to create an effective design.

How to Measure your Room guide

3. Take photographs of your walls.
Photograph all four walls, making sure you include the entire wall in each photograph. Use our handy “how to” guide to help you get the best result from your photos. We also include tips from professional photographers, so you can get the best pictures possible.

How to Photograph guide

4. Take photographs of any furniture that you want to include in the new design.
Take photos of any items of furniture that you want to incorporate into your design. If you love a piece of furniture, or if the size works particularly well in your room, even if it has seen better days, send a photo anyway. We have many tricks to bring it back to life .Don’t forget to include its height, width and depth.

5. Add images that inspire you.
All of us love to look at pictures of amazing and inspiring rooms. Take time to find rooms and objects that you really love, and share them with us, so we can create a design for you that will have you excited beyond your dreams. Houzz and Pinterest are our favourite places to browse great design. On the Houzz site you can create an Idea Book to show us. On Pinterest you can create a board to share. This is a fun process, enjoy it and should you have any concerns about how to do it, we will hold your hand all the way!

How to use Houzz
How to use Pinterest

6. Optional Skype Call.
Why not avail of our FREE Skype call, where we can get to know you better, and discuss any queries that you may have.
Just share your contact details with Room Junkie on Skype, and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to chat.  Alternatively, email your details to

7. Proceed to PayPal and send us all your information.
Proceed to PayPal, where you can make your online payment of €399.
You can then submit all your information to Room Junkie online.
This authorises the design process, and we will commence your design once payment is approved.

Questionnaire checklist.

  1. Sketch and measure your space, scan and add to Questionnaire.
  2. Take photographs of your room as instructed, take a photograph of the outside of your home, take a photograph of your kitchen, and add to Questionnaire.
  3. Take photographs of any items of furniture you want to incorporate into your design, take measurements as instructed, and add to Questionnaire.
  4. Add your inspiration images from Houzz and Pinterest as instructed.
  5. Complete your Questionnaire and submit.
  6. Have a cup of tea!

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