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Frequently asked questions.


How can a designer that does not know me, and who has never been in my home, create the perfect space for me and my family?

While nothing will ever match having a designer come to your home, get to know you, and create a customised design plan for you, online interior design is by no means a second best solution. Anne Tuohy has spent the past year developing Room Junkie’s unique method of online design creation, and it works spectacularly well. Yes, it involves a non – traditional process of collaboration between client and designer. We use a very comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, which helps us identify exactly which style is right for you and your family. We show you how to measure your space accurately, take photographs of your room, and items that you wish to incorporate into your new design. We also show you how to gather inspiration images, don’t worry if you think they appear to be random choices, we will clearly see why you like them, and this further helps us to define your unique style. We have invested in world class technology, which when combined with great Interior Design skill, ensures that we can create amazing custom designed rooms for you, at a very affordable price.

When you receive Your Room in a Box, you are basically getting a fool proof master design plan, which you can implement as your timeframe and budget dictates. You are totally in charge, and can be confident that all the furniture will fit, that the colour scheme works perfectly, and we even give you detailed instructions so you can stage like a pro! You have your sourced shopping list, which has been determined by your budget, so no more going over budget, and you also have your small sample book to conveniently accompany you on your shopping trips. Our greatest gift to you however, are the photo representative 3d drawings. If you have trouble visualising how your finished room will look, and many people do, these will enable you to see exactly how it will look, right down to the placement of artwork, and curtain styles etc.

It is the combination of all these elements, coupled with your input that ensures a successful professional design scheme that works affordably, without the designer ever setting foot in your home.

What if I don’t like the design, can I get my money back?

Room Junkie’s sole purpose is to help you create the room of your dreams, which you could never achieve alone. We will work so closely with you to ensure that we find your unique style, and show you how to put it all together.

Design fees are non-refundable without exception, however we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to put your mind at ease. Within 30 days of receiving your design plan, if you are not totally happy, you can contact us, and we will revise your design to your satisfaction.

We want you to be so excited, and confident that your investment in our service was the best thing you’ve done for your family and your home! Our goal is simply to have you so delighted with your new space that you will recommend us to everyone you know.

I like this concept, but now is not the right time for me. How can I stay in touch?

You can join Room Junkie Club, and receive our FREE eBook 101 Interior design Secrets. We will also send you weekly tips, trends and inspiration for you to enjoy, and implement in your home. You can also stay in touch with Facebook and Twitter.

I have made so many design mistakes in my home, and wasted so much money. How can you be so sure that this time will be different?

As a professional designer, whose philosophy is “More Dash than Cash, getting the look without the Spend”, I have spent a lot of time creating this process. By using Room Junkie’s service to create a unique Your Room in a Box, you now have a fool proof design and plan of action that you can follow step by step, to ensure that you never make a mistake again, or end up with the wrong sized furniture.

You can always email us if you are unsure of anything.

All we ask is that you guarantee that your measurements are accurate. We don’t need any artistic flair in your drawings, but obviously the success of your design depends on correct measurement.

I have absolutely no confidence in my ability to create a room drawing with accurate measurements. Is there a website or an app that I can use to help me?

The easiest way to get an accurate measurement of your room is by photocopying and scanning a copy of your architect / builders plans!

You can use a room measuring app like Magic Plan or Room Scan, but it really is not difficult to measure up a room. It is much easier if you take your time, have someone to help you, use a retractable metal measuring tape and double check all your measurements.  Use our How to measure and photograph guide to help you measure confidently and accurately. If you are really experiencing difficulty, you can always email us, and we will hold your hand!

Why don’t you just email or Dropbox my design to me?

Truthfully, it would be much easier and cheaper for us to do this. However, most people are kinaesthetic and tactile, and want to see and feel the actual product. There is no comparison between looking at a photocopy of some fabric or a paint chip, to touching the real thing. As well as that, we could not deprive you of the thrill of receiving your beautifully gift wrapped box.

Furthermore, when you see your professional mood board containing actual samples of wallpaper, fabrics, paint etc, even if you are not a visual person you will begin to see how your room design works. The 3d drawings will make everything so clear, that even a child can see how the finished room will look. The small book of actual samples is also very handy for bringing shopping.

As well as that, you will want to show it off to your family and friends.

I always thought that Interior Design was only for the rich and famous. How can you make it so affordable, and yet still maintain a high standard of design?

I passionately believe that absolutely everyone, regardless of budget, deserves to live in a beautiful, well designed space, created just for them. I determined to find a way to make this happen, and that’s how Room Junkie was born. Simply put, I have fused professional design skill with the most sophisticated technology, to create a different method of creating a design. Because it is a collaborative process, where you do your bit, and we do our bit, we are able to offer the service at a very affordable cost. Online Interior Design is not for everyone, but if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves, and do some of the groundwork, have faith, we will hold your hand and inspire you to turn your place into a fabulous space.

I have a very tight budget. How can you make sure I don’t overspend?

The beauty of using Room Junkie to create your custom online room design, is that the room is designed to your individual budgetary requirements. You determine how much you can spend, and we will source and price all the components of your room for you. You will know prior to starting, exactly how much everything will cost, so there is absolutely no way you can go over budget. Furthermore, we encourage you to reuse existing items from your home, and will show you how to revamp and up cycle as necessary. Our mission is to use great design and lots of imagination to get you maximum impact from your investment.  Remember our philosophy “More Dash than Cash, getting the Look without the Spend”.

I am not very technical, and am worried that I might find the whole online process difficult. Is there any other way I can access the Room Junkie service?

Room Junkie works by offering a comprehensive affordable method of design creation. To keep your costs down, it a completely online process. We have endeavoured to make it as user friendly as we possibly can, but if you are having any difficulty, why not enlist the help of a tech savvy friend or family member? You can also email us with your specific issues, and we will help you in any way that we can.

I would like to purchase Your Room in a Box as a gift. Is this possible?

This is why we created Gift Room in a Box.  It is aimed specifically, but not exclusively at the wedding gift market. It is a gift certificate which comes beautifully presented, in a gift wrapped box. The certificate is redeemed for a personal Your Room in a Box custom created for the recipients.

 This is also a popular choice with Grandparents wishing to gift a Nursery design to a new arrival, or for absolutely anyone who would love a professional room design.

I have a large dog who I absolutely adore, but he sheds a lot and is wrecking my house. My partner is running out of patience with him. Can you help me?

We can custom create Your Room in a Box, where every design choice has been deliberately made, to give equal consideration to both the pet’s needs and their owner’s. Flooring, window treatments, soft furnishings, wall finishes etc are all chosen from a safety, durability and aesthetic perspective. Pets can cause stress in a home particularly if they shed or have large muddy paws. At Room Junkie, we love our pets, and have spent a lot of time researching what it takes to create the perfect pet friendly home. We also hate housework, so we have many solutions to cut down on cleaning and vacuuming!

Do I purchase the recommended items directly from Room Junkie?

No. Room Junkie sources independently for each client, and all items may be purchased directly from each supplier. We constantly strive to find unique, affordable furniture and accessories. With items like sofas and beds, we recommend that you test them for comfort at a local retailer before you purchase. Thankfully, none of us are the same size and shape, and choosing what is comfortable for you is a very personal decision. We will guide you on style, shape and form. The comfort factor is up to you!

How do you protect my privacy?

We will keep your photos and information on file. However, your privacy is very important to us, and we will never pass on your information to a third party.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

You can change your mind and cancel your order at any time up to the point where you have made your online payment. This authorises the design process, and once your designer gets to work for you, fees cannot be refunded at this stage. However, all we want is to make you happy and become a raving fan, so we will do everything that we can to ensure that you get the room of your dreams.

What does the design fee cover?

The design fee covers the complete Your Room in a Box design, and all the components of the box.

A personalised Interior Design Scheme.

A professional Mood Board with actual samples.

A scaled floor plan.

Photo like 3d images.

A shopping list of where to buy, prices and all to your individual budget.

A detailed “How to pull it Together like a Pro” guide

It also includes standard mail delivery.

It does not cover the cost of any products which we specify.

Are there any extra costs?

Room Junkie operates on a transparent, fixed fee basis, which includes standard postage and packing. If you require express delivery, there will be an additional charge dependent on which region you live in.

What rooms can I design with Room Junkie?

There are two rooms that are not suitable to be designed from scratch, by online interior design, and they are kitchens and bathrooms. I feel strongly that in these instances, on site collaboration between the designer, electrician and plumber is preferred, to create a perfect functional space. However if the kitchen units and the bathroom sanitary ware are already installed with no plumbing or electrical changes to be made, then we can certainly work our magic to create your dream space.

The following rooms are totally suitable for an online interior design transformation.

  • Hall
  • W.C.
  • Formal Sitting Room
  • Living Room
  • Family Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Home Office / Study