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Unleash the Designer in You – Your Interior Design Masterclass

Want to become your own Interior Designer?
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Does this sound like you?
Be honest, are you a bit addicted to Houzz and Pinterest? Do you buy all the house magazines, watch all the TV shows and constantly have hundreds of ideas buzzing through your head?

You know that you have a good eye, you know what you like, but somehow you simply lack the confidence to trust yourself. Maybe you don’t always get it quite right either and you don’t know why.

If this is you, fantastic, HELP is at hand!
“Unleash the Designer in You”

Your Interior Design Masterclass
This is where I will show you how to 
1. Find your own unique style, mix up different styles and develop the confidence to get it right every time.

My first design project was to turn a bare shell into a Showhouse for Shane Filan of Westlife, with the RTE cameras filming throughout.

I want to share with YOU my simple secrets for successful design and how YOU can also develop the confidence to achieve this.
2. Perfect your colour scheme every time.

This is vital to the success of every room. It is where I always start and there are many tricks to ensure that you never make a mistake with colour ever again.
3. Layout and Lighting

Each is equally important and you simply will not have a room that works if both are not perfect.

There is no point in having a beautiful looking design if it does not function well. Thankfully, there are many tricks that I can teach you, so that you can do this effortlessly.
4. Professional staging.

This is what separates an average design from something truly stunning.

There are so many tips and secrets that I will share with you, after which you will instinctively know how to finish off your room like a professional, from hanging pictures to arranging flowers. This is also extremely useful if you are preparing a property for sale. I call it the Showhouse effect.
5. Managing your project.

I am married to an Accountant and I have learned that the most important aspect of your design success lies in successful money management.

Thankfully, there are many ways to stretch your budget and I will share all of them with you.

I will also show you how to successfully schedule the works and how to keep one step ahead of the tradesmen.

I will also teach you how to manage all the various trades, what you need to know and what to do when things go wrong, because invariably things do go wrong. However, every scenario is fixable and forgettable!

This EXCITING event

takes place on 

Saturday 25th April from 12 midday to 4pm
The CoLab, Port Rd, Letterkenny
and the cost is €69.

This also includes a light lunch

PDF course notes

the eBook “101 Interior Design Secrets”

exclusive membership of the private Room Junkie Masterclass Facebook Group

 a goodie bag to take home

and the best day out you have had in ages!

This is only for you, if you have a genuine interest in Interior Design and you really want to build your knowledge and confidence to a level where you will consistently and competently create the perfect room.

Numbers are strictly limited, so to register interest, or to find out more information just email

or call 087 6867665.

Stay fabulous,
Anne xx

PS Don’t forget to share the news with any of your friends who may be interested. This has the makings of a great girls day out, but the boys are more than welcome too.
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7 Interior Design tips to reuse what you already have

7 Design Tips to reuse what you already have

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Forget expensive artwork, hang framed photographs of your family. Paint all your frames the same colour or simply buy inexpensive black frames like I do. Mix up the sizes of your photos and get some printed in black and white. Your home is all about your family and you should have loads of photos displayed through out  the house. Put some thought into creating a collage of photos and cover larger wall areas with them.

If you are nervous about arranging a group of pictures, take inspiration and guidance from my previous newsletter, where I show you how to confidently and competently hang your artwork.

Give your ready made curtains an upgrade.

Add a coordinating fabric to the leading edge, or lengthen them, by adding a contrasting panel and covering the seam with some beaded trim. You can also sew a colourful beaded or bobble trim  to the leading edge, this will dress up even the plainest pair of curtains. Adding some extra lining or interlining will dramatically affect the drape of the fabric and make them  appear much more luxurious.

Pile on the cushions!

Borrow cushions from elsewhere in the house to create a colourful and eclectic mix on your sofa.

Use leftover wallpaper to cover an artists canvas which instantly creates some colourful art, or use it to give a new coordinated lease of life to a dull lampshade.

Frame your children’s artwork. Again the secret is to have matching frames.

Paint, paint, paint.

You can revitalise any piece of furniture with a simple coat of paint. You can also unify miss-matched pieces by painting them all the same colour.

If you have a piece of art that you love, but it just isn’t big enough to hang in a particular space , this is a very clever trick.Get some postcards with a similar theme, hang them in simple Ikea frames and surround the art with them, creating perfect symmetry and balance. Surprise, surprise, I absolutely love this!
Need some Help?

Are you in need of some design inspiration in your own home, or maybe you just don’t have the time, or don’t know where to start?

If any of this this sounds familiar, 
then perhaps I can help. Why don’t you contact me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation? 

Phone – +353 87 6867665

Some Big News!

I am so excited to announce a brand new Room Junkie Design Master class called “Unleash the Designer in You”

The final details will be announced next week,but it will be a one day design boot camp and will take place in Letterkenny.

This is specifically for those of you who have a great eye for design, who absolutely love interior design, and simply need to be given the knowledge and confidence to become the great designer you know you can be.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more and do share with any of your friends who might be interested. Places are limited and have started to book up already.


Make it your goal this week to make your place beautiful.

Stay fabulous.

Anne xxx

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All you want to know about hanging artwork

Do you know how to hang artwork correctly?
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This is all you need to know to hang your art perfectly every time
I have to confess to having an absolute obsession with art!

For me this is what really dresses your walls and shows off your unique personality. I hang lots and lots of art and do so very confidently. I will mix valuable original art with inexpensive prints and family photographs, knowing that it will always look right. Today, I will share my secret with you and it is a very simple one.

Fact of the matter is, most people hang their art WAY too high! If you remember this art gallery rule and hang your picture 60 inches from the floor to the center of the art, you will always arrive at the correct height.

60 inches represents the average human eye height, and is used as a standard measurement in museums and art galleries. I don’t even measure anymore, I can do it by eye, but if you adopt this simple trick, you can be confident that you will always hang your pictures at the correct height.

Now that is all very well if there is only one picture. What if you want to arrange two pieces, stacked on top of each other, or four arranged in a square format? The method is the same. Treat the finished arrangement as one picture, and find the center point, which is 60 inches off the floor.

A useful tip is to position the artwork on the floor first, to work out your spacing between the pictures.Two inches is a good rule of thumb to remember when stacking art and you want to calculate the distance between the pictures.

Now I want you to take a measuring tape and check the hanging height of your own pictures! I strongly suspect that most of you will find that the art was way too high.

This tip that I have given you today is probably the most valuable piece of interior design advice that you will ever receive. Change the height and something amazing happens – all your art now shares a mid line creating immediate symmetry and balance. This is a very pleasing and positive thing to achieve in your home and you will thank me for it.

If you need any further tips and tricks , here is the link to my eBook 101 Interior Design Secrets.
I plan to shoot a quick video showing just just how easy it is to always hang your art correctly, but in the meantime, here are some step by step guidelines.

1.Measure and lightly mark 60 inches from the floor on the wall.
2.Measure your picture and divide by two, this gives you the center point.
3.Measure from the top of your picture to the tightened cord.
4 Subtract this measurement from the half height amount to calculate the hook placement.This will tell you how far above 60 inches the hook should go.Place another light mark here and away you go!

It really is that simple.
Need some Help?

Are you in need of some design inspiration in your own home, or maybe you just don’t have the time, or don’t know were to start?

If any of this this sounds familiar, 
then perhaps I can help. Why don’t you contact me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation? 

Phone – +353 87 6867665
Here’s my thought for the week, be your brightest self…..

Have a great week.

Stay Fabulous xxx

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My 10 Tips to create a Calm and Happy Home

My 10 Tips to Create a Calm & Happy Home
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How does your home make you feel as you walk through the door?

Is it calm and happy, or is it in chaos due to your frantic lifestyle?

With a little effort,you can transform your home into an oasis of calm that supports and nurtures you from the stresses of everyday life , becoming a place of refuge that you really want to relax and chill out in.

It’s not so hard – let me show you how to do it, using my own home and life experiences as an example.We live a busy life, with three sons and two dogs, yet somehow, we manage to have a calm home.
One – Ditch the Clutter
Clutter creates tension and chaos, whether it is an untidy room, a cupboard or drawer ready to burst open, or a desk strewn with paper. It weighs you down mentally and physically and you will never achieve a calm home without dealing with it.

Make a plan, carry it out room by room, be ruthless and get rid of everything that you do not love or use.You will quickly tame this beast and be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

If you need any more help, let me guide you with this video
Two – Colour
I have studied Colour Psychology and the subject fascinates me. Little in your home will have more impact on you than your colour choices. Colour has the capacity to change your mood and your energy, even your appetite, so learn how different colours can affect you personally before you paint your walls. Remember too, that each room is a single entity that makes up your whole home, so be sure to create a harmonious flow from room to room.This is a simple “showhouse” trick that instantly creates a sense of peace and harmony.

If you unsure how to do this, have a quick look at my video which gives you plenty of practical inspiration.
Three – Treat all Rooms the Same

Do not just declutter your public rooms.

Every individual space, from your cupboards, to your bathrooms and utility room needs to get the same treatment. It can be very easy just to move a pile of junk from one room to another in the name of organisation. Don’t just close the door and put it off for one more day. This is a task left undone which will bother your subconscious, and steal your energy. By simply cleaning and organizing the space you will instantly create harmony and karma. 

Four – Create a Signature Scent
This is something that I started to do a few years ago, and it brings a lovely sense of comfort to our home.

Memories are tied up in familiar scents, and I just love coming home and smelling Jo Malone’s  Pomegranate Noir, which instantly says “welcome home” to us. I burn the same fragrance throughout the house, and although I aim for subtlety not an overpowering effect, you are always aware of the underlying gorgeous smell. Whenever I am away from home, I bring a travel sized candle with me. It helps me to relax and unwind.

So, pick whatever signature scent you prefer, and try it out in your home.  The secret lies in having the one scent throughout your home. It will definitely contribute to a pleasing familiar sense of contentment. Your family will love you for it.
Five – Let in the light
Open up your curtains and blinds every day, and let the sunshine stream into your room. Have your windows cleaned regularly and also open your windows daily, to clear that stagnant centrally heated air.

Remember to take nice deep breaths!

Six – No Technology in the Bedroom.
Your bedroom should only be used for relaxation and romance. That means no television, no laptop, no social media!

Aim for a serene uncluttered space with crisp cotton bed linen, the best mattress that you can afford, fresh flowers, a scented candle and a good book.
Seven – Bring Nature In
Pull your curtains back as far as possible to bring your garden into the room. Use fresh flowers and plants to energize your space. Plants also help to cleanse and re – oxygenate stagnant air.

The beauty of nature creates an inherent sense of calm and well-being, and we can incorporate these elements into our interior design. Natural stone, water features, rattan and wood sculptures all invoke the peace and beauty of nature.

Eight – Positive Inspiration
Surround yourself only with things that make you happy and which remind you of happy times. Family photos, holiday photos and anything at all that makes you feel happy and reminds you of good times.
Nine – Ditch Negative Association
You may not realise this, but your memories and life experiences are hanging from your walls and physically present in your furniture. If you have experienced a period in your life where you were unhappy or under stress, then some items in your home will subconsciously remind you of these difficult times, and these negative reminders can drain you. Be mindful of anything in your home that has a negative association, and get rid of it.  In life, we should only surround ourselves with those who uplift us, in our home we should do the same, and let go of the memories and things that bring us down. This is one surefire way to ensure a calm and happy home.

Ten – Create an Action Plan

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with the business of our lives. Take a little time to think about what you want your home and life to reflect, and take small steps every day to create a calm and peaceful home. Progress slowly, room by room and you will reach your goal of an ordered, calm and happy home.

Room Junkie will be profiled on Houzz!

I got a call during the week from Houzz UK, asking if I would like to have Room Junkie profiled there.

Most of you begin your design research and inspiration here, so I was delighted to take them up on their offer.

I have had the flu for the past few days, but have scheduled a meeting for next Friday to set it up.

You will be the very first to see it.
Here is today’s video from Room Junkie TV – Choosing Paint Colour
Need some Help?

Are you in need of some design inspiration, or maybe you just don’t have the time, or don’t know were to start?

If any of this this sounds familiar, 
then perhaps I can help. Why don’t you contact me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation?

Email – 

Phone – +353 87 6867665


This week, don’t be an imitator, be an innovator.

Create your own look!

Stay fabulous,
Anne xx
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More news from Room Junkie

I took a chance and it paid off!
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Room Junkie wins Jacqueline Golds #WOW –  Women on Wednesday award

Jacqueline Gold. CEO of, 16th richest woman in Britain and such an inspirational business leader, has a competition called #WOW, Women on Wednesday, where she seeks and chooses three female led businesses to promote.

When selecting the three winners, Jacqueline looks for businesses that are interesting, that have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry. She looks for quality products, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who appear to have a good business sense and who have thought about what the consumer wants and how to deliver it. ( These words I have copied and pasted directly from her website. Hers, not mine. )

She picked . What more can I say?

It almost makes up for the disappointment of missing my date with Theo Paphitis. Jacqueline also stays in regular contact with all of the #WOW winners, offering advice where needed.

Do you remember , last week I said that I was was going to do something brave and bold.

Well, this was it. I knew exactly how hard it would be to catch Jacqueline’s attention, but I was determined that I would. I didn’t even tell my husband that I was applying!

Apparently fortune favours the brave, and I am overwhelmed and thrilled with my win! So if you have a dream, simply go for it, you might just surprise yourself on the journey!
Ten steps to creating a high end home on a budget

I have created a series of ten videos to help inspire and guide you to create the perfect home, even on a budget.

Here is Video 3, and I will send the rest in sequence. I really do hope that you find them helpful!

You can see more over on  Room Junkie TV  on You Tube.
Day 3 – 10 days of inspiration to give your home a high end finish on a budget – Cushions
I am working very hard behind the scenes  to finalise the content for my book and also to create a course that will turn you into a fully fledged Room Junkie, who will consistently and confidently create the perfect room. If you have a spare minute, I would love if you would help me out by answering these three quick questions. I would really appreciate your insight and opinion.

Also, because I am getting very busy finishing the book and creating the course, I will be winding down the €90 room design / consultations. If anyone was thinking of availing of this special offer,you should  do so quickly. Once you reserve your place, you can progress your room whenever you wish. I just won’t be able to take many more  new bookings. 

hope that you have a lovely Valentines Day!

Stay fabulous,
Anne xxx
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